Writings about Aaron

Some of my tributes to my brother Aaron Jacobs (click to see his September 11th virtual museum page):

2021: Twenty year marks: my life so far remembering Aaron

2020: On my right

2019: Picture day

2018: Honey despite everything: remembering Aaron

2017: A note from the author

2016: Who lives who dies who tells your story: thinking of Aaron 15 years later

2015: Writing my way to Aaron on 9-11-2015

2014: Remembering Aaron and others this September 11th

2013: Another pass at remembering Aaron through the noise of 9/11

2012: To an athlete: Remembering Aaron, 11 years after

2011: Remembering Aaron: NY Daily News article on his bench in Central Park

2011: Here is the NY Daily News article on the bench

2011: Memorials (on visiting Aaron’s bench and remembering my Grandma Harriet)

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