A toast for a yahrzeit

How did this shot glass

So recently shared

Fill up to the brim

With cheap wax and wicking?


If memory serves,

This sticker says burn

All day and all night,

A “Girl—I want—to


Be with you” chorus.

But the mouth on this—

Its strained, perfect O;

A Day of the Dead


Spun-sugar skull, but

Wiped of its friendly

Smile and eye-sockets—

Seems hardly ready


To breathe out a song.

It waits to take in

What the fine print says

Is praise of God’s name:


To crisp up the words

In this modest flame

And add to the peace

Of Heaven. Oh, blessed


And honored—I’ll drain

The milk of those words

To this cup’s bottom

Today, and the rest


Of the year, I’ll drink

Something muddier,

Raising to life with you

As if it went on.


Copyright © Josh Jacobs 2013


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