Sammy’s XXVI

Original members still present for XXVI

Original members still present for XXVI

They thought it would be “too cold” to have the annual Amherst dinner at Sammy’s in New York in the middle of winter…that the bitter winds would blow through the festive schmaltzy basement and congeal the schmaltz in its syrup dispensers…or that the brutal impact of cold, grease, and questionably-sourced meat all at once would leave the remaining members of past Amherst championship dinners unable to finish the 4th quarter.

Really, Tam? Is that what she said about your karnatzlach?

Really, Tam? Is that what she said about your karnatzlach


Welcome to Fantasy Island!

They were so wrong! For the XXVIth Running of the Lord Jeffs on Chrystie Street, five original comrades from Interterm 1989 were present along with eight co-comrades. Now that the long-time owner, Stan Zimmerman (may his memory be a blessing–probably a motzi), has passed on, the Sammy’s experience is really all about Dani Luv, who recently told the Times that he’s played “Hava Nagila” “two billion times, enough to make me cut my veins already.” Honestly he is really a gross person, but he knows how to work the joint and get people up dancing the hora. There was even a special Super Bowl love-fest between a table of 30+ Broncos fans and 12 Seahawks fans. Guess the Broncos fans must have slipped the team some schmaltz…must be some explanation for how the game turned out.

I woke up in a sweat the night after–not for the health-related reasons you might imagine, but because I realized that we HAD NOT BEEN SERVED DERMA! But despite this omission

How it used to be: Tamer and I meet friends at Sammy's IX

How it used to be: Tamer and I meet friends at Sammy’s IX

(probably saving us a lot of emission) the menu was strong overall: schmaltz, always a lovely “Jewish Caesar Salad”; stuffed cabbage, awesome; garlic sausage, which I had sworn not to eat in order to preserve healthy spousal relations, were delicious and irresistible; and the blazing hot latkes, fresh from the fryer, came at the same time as the flapper steaks and left me reeling. I think Sammy’s was on its game that night with all the nudniks from Denver/Seattle as well as the standard “reverse bar mitzvah” (31st birthday party) and stag party crowd. Plus us, still kickin’.


E_SkatingCentralPark A_SkatingCentralPark

I had to add these shots of the girls skating at Lasker Park just to kvell about what beauties they are, and celebrate the amazing NFL-purchased good weather we had. Sammy’s definitely keeps us coming back to NYC and staying close to our friends there.

For history buffs:

Update from Sammy’s XXV

Update from Sammy’s XXIV

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