Sammy’s XXV

IMG_3103Comrades in attendance: 25

KidsJunior Comrades: 3 (ages 11, 10, 8)

GrayDermaOriginal Amherst ’91/’92 in the house who were there in January 1989: 4 (hint: Grateful Dead “Touch of Gray”: includes bonus father who introduced the whole concept)

Pickled peppers
Chopped chicken liver with braised onions and schmaltz
Stuffed cabbage
Unbelievably good latkes
Hulking slabs of derma (pictured to left of above image)
“Mush steaks” (strip steaks with garlic mushed into them)
Potatoes (Yiddish for “wholly superfluous”)
Egg creams

IMG_3135Floors up from the Chelsea streets where we chilled apres-fress: 7 (but felt much higher: thanks in absentia to Tam)

IMG_3115Lucky dudes to have Amy still love them even after eating like this: one

BartTaxiPeople who discovered their true animal identity on the way home: at least this guy

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